The Toronto Pearson Lost & Found office is located at Terminal 1, Ground level between doors R and S. Hours of Operation are 1000 -1800, Monday to Friday. Items in our Lost and Found office are securely stored for 30 days from the date the item is turned into us. Please note that due to the extremely high volume of inquiries we strongly recommend you visit the Lost and Found office. Otherwise, please fill out a lost item report which can be found through the following link: File a Lost Report .

The Toronto Pearson Lost & Found Office will not be able to assist passengers who have lost passports, Nexus cards, items on airplanes (including lost luggage) or on the UP Express train.

For those passengers who have lost the following items:

  • Passport: ALL lost passports found at the airport are turned into the Canada Border Service Agency, please contact them at their dedicated number at Toronto Pearson. For Terminal 1 please call 905-676-3640 or for Terminal 3 please call 905-612-5416
  • Nexus Cards: ALL lost Nexus cards found at the airport are turned into the Nexus office, please contact them directly at 905-676-3477

If you have lost an item: